by David Bustamante

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released April 2, 2013



all rights reserved


David Bustamante Barcelona, Spain

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Track Name: ALL IN
I guess today's one of these days
when surviving is not enought
and the flowers in the garden turned lizards

I must consider other ways!
cause when life is hitting tough
you can not bet everything on a lie called love

Wouldn't it be good to find some time to find my place?
Wouldn't it be good to turn the lights off and then just fade to grey?
At least for a day...

All of the pain I've been trying hard to relief
was directly taking me six feet under my feet

All of the questions I've been trying to resolve
became the fluttering of a dove
have nothing to do with what I have been told
are taking me back again to where started it all
Blank, not even a bug to fix, not a release
Nothing has soiled the white screen
It seems my muse is gone away, for more than one day
Lately words are dodging me

There's nothing I can do about it
but to keep my faith in work without becoming an addict
The more I try to get some feed is turning all my angels in creeps

By the way that I feel since the loose of your shine I'm suffering a kind of deep Spring Asthenia
Nothing to achieve is my conviction for being so naif. Spring Asthenia

There's nothing I can do about it, there's no redemption for a damned
There's anyone know the place I can find her. Let me know if she's showing up

It seems my muse is gone away for more than one day
Lately words are dodging me
Track Name: HUMAN
I recognise it, well, there's a human being inside of me
and there is nothing left to say
What you expect from me in your fantasies?
Unless you're aching I'll never get you anything you need
and there is nothing left to say
It's a play of life, it's not paradise

You'd rather be cautious on your way
and make of your enemies good friends
This is the council I'm giving you today
Track Name: HE
He brought the light to a place where everything had turned dark
He calls my name and draws a rainbow coloured sky to relieve any pain

He my shooting star when I was used to walk alone through the nights
He took my hand, took me somewhere since then I started to live as my place

He brings the joy, day after day my heart's his toy
He calls me Dad and makes me forget if the day has been sad

He offers me a smile and I smile too...
He offers me a smile and I smile too...
Track Name: THERE'S A GIRL
There's a girl who makes me feel as good as no one ever did, but now this love is gone
There's a girl who lives too far away to go on loving me, at least that's what she thinks
There's a girl who finds too complicated feeling in my way when the heart is far away
There's a girl who doesn't want to play when my heart is dying of loneliness

I will never understand the way she cheats her heart
Love is always good
Track Name: INTO A HOLE
Fell down so deep, so hollow
Can't hear the sound of the falling leaves from the autum trees

I can recall this feeling
it takes me back to the darkest sea where it's hard to swim

Aware of what future will bring
Concerned to cover my dreams
Never again we're gonna kiss good night for hours
never again with wet lips
Never again the moon will witness our love scenes

Never again we're gonna look into each other eyes with out a speech
never again my soul will be so rich

And who's to blame for our rainy days?
And who's to blame? You might feel observed

Never again your face will try to steal a smile from mine
Never again from the rounded window frame
Never again, you were only passing by

Never again we're gonna strongly hug each other
Never again when the moment is found
Never again my life will be so round

And who's to blame for our rainy days?
And who's to blame? You might feel observed
Once upon a time there was a girl. Am I bound to reveal her name...?
As a pixie tinker bell she made things bright. Never asked, never dare...
28 years old and a few months, my fairy tale Cinderella

And May I introduce myself? I was wondering shall I do...
What's the benefit I take from you. I guess you don't have any clue...
On how good it feels a pumpkin coach ride along with my Cinderella

And There's no use in
Oozing tears
Wanted with regard, Dead or alive
I need my Cinderella smile back
Beauty of another world
day after day gets stronger our link
I couldn't even think of it...

back porch, laying on the couch
the reflection of moonlight in her green eyes
I've never wished to be a cat till tonight...

the spell of the Greek goddess makes me realize I'm lost

Counting all the wonders of this world she's the one that counted nine.

I wish I was the sea where she dives in Greece
caressing her warm skin
I wish I was the sand where she loves laying down
to feel all her heat
Track Name: THE VISION
Got a good reason
Finally an Aim in my life
Still nothing clear
But I'll rather start working it out

I've got a vision
a kind of a shivering sight
It made me feel happy
As a pig in the mud
I once was having a beer on my own in a bar pretty known
when the girl close to mine, Gosh! It was a beautyfull one...
Smiled to me and said
Why don't you come to my place? I feel horny today...
I got shocked! So there I was. Waiting while she was in the bath
Then after hearing the flush...

She started dancing, jumping, bounding and clapping
Tyrolean way

Suddenly she took a gun, shot me down, turned around and ran.